Conditions of participating

1. Who may participate: men and women at least 24 years old, fit or untrained
2. Per centre per month a maximum of 30 individuals can participate
3. Every participant receives:
– a fitness and strength test at the start of the program and an evaluation after 5 weeks
– professional coaching during the sessions
– a personal chip with all your personal training data
– training sessions in small groups
– a valid membership card of the fitness centre
4. To have good results, the individual is committed to train 2x per week for 5 weeks
5. Every participant gives permission for the registration and scientific evaluation of the training information, consistent with the Personal Data Privacy Act
6. At the start of the research program and at the end, a measurement is done with the use of a standardized test protocol
7. The one-time payment amounts to 59 euros
8. During the participation in the research program, the participant will uphold the house rules set by the fitness centre
9. Each individual can only participate once in one of the research programs organized by The European Fitness Academy
10. Do you want to cancel your purchase? This is how you invoke your right of withdrawal: send an email to within fourteen calendar days, counting from the day of payment, with your name, telephone number and email. You will receive confirmation of the cancellation.
Do you wish to invoke your right of withdrawal and was the service partially performed during the withdrawal period? Then you retain your right to cancel your purchase. We will reduce the amount to be reimbursed by the value of the services already provided.

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