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Slim down Research program in short

Train 2x per week with professional coaches

We start with a cardio test and a strength test

you receive personal guidance to learn the exercises

the planning of your training sessions is tailored to your personal schedule

One-time payment of 59 euros

Learn how to lead a happier life by working out!

What to expect from the 5-week program


We will research how your body can burn more fat faster and faster
Our team of experts teach you how to train with the latest technology. Our fully automatic fitness machines measure your progression step by step. Too much fat is unhealthy. With our research program you can really do something about it.

With the 5-week research program we do the necessary measurements and tests and help you by creating a balanced and healthy exercise plan.

Starting to exercise is essential
Now take the first step and decide to do something about it. We will help you on your way, sign up for the 5-week research program and together we will work step by step on improving your health.

The time to make a change is now

 The most high-tech fitness center in the region

 Follow-up by super-motivated coaches

 Short sessions with a measurable result after 5 weeks

You see and feel the result immediately

 Measurement of results before and after the sessions

 A real boost for your body and your morals

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